Five Things to Think About When Ordering Custom Shirts

Five Things to Think About When Ordering Custom Shirts

We offer some of the best custom-made shirts for company uniforms and more. Our easy e-commerce shop and delivery system ensures that you'll have what you need, when you need it. Here are some other things to think about when you're pondering a new company shirt order.

Color Schemes

When it comes to integrating new items with company branding, color is essential.

Do you have an existing corporate color scheme? If so, make sure that your shirts fit into this strategic plan. If not, think about what line of business you're in, and what colors usually apply. For example, green is big with landscaping, and red can often be a go-to for sales or various kinds of retail. Many types of trades services favor blue and grey. Factor this into your plan. 

Shirts for Your Business Environment

You also want to look at different materials and shirt designs, according to the environment that your teams work in. Some people work in carefully conditioned offices, and some work out in the field with the impact of the outdoor elements at work on their shirts. Plan accordingly to make sure that you get a good result. 

Stand Out from the Competition

When you’re thinking about the value of getting these custom shirts, part of it is your ability to present your business well, as part of a number of competitors in a particular vertical or market segment. So you want shirts that make your people look professional and capable, which can help to grow your business over time.

How Many Shirts Do You Need?

When you’re making the order, you also want to think carefully about demand. Is it enough to just order one per person, or are you going to need significantly more than that?

If you don't order enough, you’ll have to go back and get more, so it’s best to plan demand into your original order. If these shirts become popular, your people are going to be handing them out prolifically on the ground.

Logo Style

Then there's the issue of incorporating your business logo. Some businesses need a particular embossed monogram style where the logo is positioned on top of the shirt material. Others make do with heat transfer or other types of strategies. Do you have an executive who's going to have a major preference? That's just one thing to consider as you move forward with the custom shirt purchase.

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