Which Shirts Are Better For You?

Which Shirts Are Better For You?

We help to provide all sorts of companies with customized professional apparel. We specialize in shirts that look good, feel good and last a long time off the shelf, with quality design and a really deliberate thought process when it comes to creating the best options for your particular teams.

Here are some things to think about if you're trying to compare various options.


Any time you're putting together a shirt order, you really want to get some idea of sizing across your target audience. Just an informal straw poll or ballpark number can help you to portion out the small, medium, large and extra-large sizing that's going to affect how these shirts fit when they are delivered to your business location.

Color Schemes

What are your team colors? What types of shades and hues best represent your business? You may well have an idea of this already from an existing corporate logo or some other resource, but it's another thing to think about when you're creating your custom shirts.

Durable Material

Do you want your team shirts to be made of durable cotton? What about a polyester blend?

Take a look at the options that we offer for long-lasting uniform shirts or company branded shirts for your people.


This one is important. You don't want to end up with shirts that have your company name on someone's stomach, or text wrapping around the wearer’s rib cage. You want your text and images to be carefully laid out to fit on the front and back of the shirt correctly.

In some ways, doing one of these custom orders can be like web design (if you’ll pardon the geeky analogy) in which case you want to use those principles introduced by Cascading Style Sheets for the web to handle your order on a global level… and not just “wing it.” When you get the details locked down, your shipment is going to be more targeted to the people who will be wearing your shirts.

Ask Sonder Ink Screen Printing about our quality processes and how we support our customers with excellent quality service and, importantly, the best custom shirts. Shipping is not a problem. Design isn’t, either. We are proud to offer some of the top results for  branded apparel in an age where this kind of visibility is worth its weight in gold as your people move around your community.